Inovative product PANOgram

Inovative IT product PANOgramaddes value on exhibitions, fairs, conferences and retail shops for you because:

  • it is low cost,
  • it is by content and look-and-feel easy and fast self-managed,
  • it is easy to use and for participants attractive,
  • it serves loop back information to improve the offer.

The layout of the communication can be setted up from any number of terminals for visitors in the form of: all-in-one touch PCs, unique creative designs or displaying notices on large screens. With an additional module for local web access, visitors can access with their smart mobile devices. The notices, arranged catalog (optional customized automatic exchange of information), following visitors and review statistics can be managed over the PANOgram Master.

PANOgram flyer (PDF)

Screenshot samples from our references: