PANOgram Expo

PANOgram Expo is front-end application for visitors at the exhibition space. It is build from all the best practices and user experience:

  • Interactive walking trough the content.
  • Suffle/sequental/named showing of pictures, movies and music files.
  • Displaying survery quetions and aquistision of customer's answers.
  • Gathering of customer's contact data.
  • Scrolling catalogs as a set of sequential images.
  • Dsiplaying dynamic QR code.
  • Built-in interface to connect with External devices through the USB port.
  • COMMING SOON: Taking photos, audio recording or video recording of the visitor via the integrated webcam.


NEW: Graphic image of the terminal uses the XAML definition. Editing of display effects, animations and transformations is possible with free tools.

PANOgram Expo flyer (PDF)

The download of  PANOgram Expo (demo off-line version 4.1, 10MB, ZIP) is waiting for you HERE. Provide your interest to use it This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.?subject=Interested for PANOgram Expo&body=Hello dear. I am interested to use PANOgram Expo in my public presentation. Please keep me in touch at my contact.">NOW. .